Discover What Christ Jesus Has Already Done

Our mission is to expand the Kingdom of God by making disciples who come to understand what Christ Jesus has already done by the Grace of God, accessed by Faith.

When Jesus Christ said "It is Finished" it was at that instant that we had all of the tools to reach people and pull them out of darkness so they can be set free, delivered,  and healed through Christ.

All we need to do is access what Christ has already done by faith.  Once we are born again, we are a new creation in Him and the Holy Spirit then becomes one with our New spirit.  We are directly connected to Christ by the Spirit of God. Whatever we need to reach people is available by His Grace and is activated by Faith in what He has done.  That is why we can lead people to Christ, Heal the Sick, Raise the Dead and Cast out Devils.  The same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead abides in His sons and daughters.

This is not religion. it is knowing our Father and knowing we are a part of His family because of what Christ Jesus has already done.

Too many people have been blinded to these truths.  If you want to really discover God and what He has already done, join us at one of our meetings so we can help you have eyes to see and ears to really hear.