:717 Anna Street, Sturgis, SD 57785

About Us


Our Approach

Our approach is to follow Jesus Christ's example, He was our model for what we say and do.  We are disciples of Christ Jesus and as His disciples we are directed by the Holy Spirit to reach people for His Glory who have been deceived and blinded to the truth.  We have learned to listen to the Holy Spirit to share Christ.  Since Jesus went about sharing the Kingdom of God, healing all the sick, delivering people from demonic oppression and raising the dead, that is what we do, the same thing He did.  He was our example and we follow His pattern, not the religion of men.  Not just with words but His Word with Power.

Our Journey

Bill & Jeri, along with Pete and Kathy, are ministers of the gospel who have prayed and continue to pray for many people who have been saved, healed and even raised from the dead.  We are true disciples of Christ who have one goal, to be about our Fathers Business, which is expand His Kingdom for His Glory.

We have many years of combined experience between us as being Pastors, Evangelists and Missionaries.  We know, yes absolutely know, that nothing is impossible for God.  We have been blessed to have a group of people who minister with us.

Meet the Staff

  • Our staff trains and equips Christians for the Work of the Ministry.  We practice what we preach or teach, we train by example, all for the Glory of our God.
  • We are here on earth for One Purpose, to actively pursue the business of our family - God's Business with His Authority and Power.